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Former EPP-President Erik Thijssen awarded by DLG!

During this year’s Cattle & Pig Event at EuroTier 2018 our former president Erik Thijssen was honored by DLG president Hubertus Paetow. For his “candid, communicative and selfless nature” Erik Thijssen was awarded with the DLG silver medal for international relationship. Over his nine years of presidency countries like Ireland, Finland and Switzerland joined EPP alongside 80 new members. To Paetow, this indicates the success of Thijssen’s work.

Also our new president Gert van Beek congratulated Erik Thijssen on this occasion and addressed the challenges pig producers in Europe are currently facing. Caught in a predicament of upcoming statutory requirements (such as anesthetized castration, free farrowing or emission restrictions) on the one side and the constant threat of an ASF outbreak on the other side, European pig producers need to handle developments they have a severely limited influence on. However, van Beek also states that there are opportunities in these challenges as long as the additional requirements are paid by the market.