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Taru Antikainen from Finland new EPP vice president

Finland's Taru Antikainen was elected as the new EPP vice president by members at the general meeting of the European Pig Producers (EPP) e.V. on June 7th 2019 in Landshut. She therefore succeeds the chairman of the German EPP Group, Jürgen Winkelmann, who no longer ran for a further term in office last year. 

Taru Antikainen manages a closed farm with 330 sows and 1,200 fattening places. The farm additionally includes 330 hectares of farmland and 96 hectares of forest. She manages the farm, located in the south west of Finland, together with her husband and is specialised in the production of "omega-3 meat", which is obtained by adding canola oil to the feed. In addition – barring diseases in individual animals – no antibiotics are used. Taru Antikainen also regularly passes on the experience she has gained from 15 years of keeping pigs with undocked tails to the EU Commission and other professional colleagues who want to dispense with tail docking in the long term.

New EPP vice president Taru Antikainen 


The first well-wisher was EPP president Gert van Beek, who was able to welcome 120 members and guests to the general meeting. In his report, he reflected on a successful 2018, a year in which the number of members was increased to its present level of 590. Van Beek was particularly delighted by the fact that many young pig farmers joined the club, thus lowering the average age of the network. He stated that the management board now wanted to concentrate on recruiting new prospects in countries with stagnating memberships.